Tuesday, May 4, 2010

pln 28

In the article, Our boys are falling behind in education by: Dottie Lamm says that boys are falling behind because we are pushing back education and the verbal part of their brains can not develop fast enough to interpret how to learn how to read and write. Education has developed so quickly that now children are expected to start reading when they begin kindergarten instead of the usual first grade challenge of reading. The verbal part of the brain for girls develops faster, so they are not having problems but the boys develop slower so they are having problems. As an effect, it is expected that most boys will have to re- take the fourth grade and the ninth grade. It has also affected dropout rates; the statistic is that now 32% of boys will drop out as compared to the girls 25%.This matters to the world because it means that the male gender will fall so far behind that now there might have to be a men’s movement in the future. This movement would be to bring men back academically. This matters to education because it means that women will be taking over more jobs and having a vital role in every job market out in the world today. This matters to the community because there will be a clump up of boys in the fourth grade from so many boys failing and again with the ninth grade classes. This will cause classes to grow in size, which causes less attention from a teacher to a student. This could drop grades due to the lack of attention. The real question is, are our boys falling behind or are we pushing them too hard and too early? Lamm argues that education is developing too quickly for boys to follow.