Sunday, March 28, 2010

pln 17

MIT’s sixth sense is probably one of the greatest technological advancements because it is latterly a computer smart board and projector at your finger tips. You can draw use the internet check flight status and look up information and stay connected to the internet while out of the house. This matters to the world because it will change our accessibility to the internet and the things we can do to describe things. This matters to education because now it would be easier to learn with this devise. You could experiment with it Wright with it and expand your learning with it. Clearly this is an extraordinary and remarkable invention.


In my opinion I think that the Google goggles are a waste of time and money because there are people that know these things and people that study things like landmarks and plants and books. If someone could not find a person with knowledge on the subject then they could look it up on the internet. The Google goggles is just going to make people lazier and make them have less people skills because they won’t converse with other people to find information they would use technology which does not talk back to you. This matters to the world because it makes people lazier and it is just another invention to make people spend money. Clearly the Google goggles are just a waste of time and money.

Friday, March 19, 2010

pln 18

In response to Dr. Maas’ blog where he asks the questions; what is it like to have laptops in class? , what can you do now that you couldn’t do before? , what would it mean to you if you could not have laptops in class next year? , have you changed as a student since you started using laptops in class? The answer to the first question of what is it like to have laptops in class is, they are an incredible resource and a great learning tool. Laptops allow for the incredible resource to be portable. This is a necessary resource because it allows students to have the ability to access the internet and use Microsoft word to edit their work and it automatically proofreads it. So there should be no mistakes and it allows the students to look up pictures and images spread sheets and other things to connect their work to what they can find on the internet. Students can also make power point presentations excel spreadsheets, graphs, and one other key ability you can do with a laptop is that you can save your work! So it’s there the next time and you can’t lose it very easily and you can’t have the excuse of you left it at home or in your locker. If I could not have a laptop in class next year then that would be very unfortunate because a pencil and paper do not have the same ability as a laptop does. So my writing and my work would be affected. In my opinion I have changed as a student by being able to have a laptop in class because I am now able to look things up that I am unsure about and save, proofread my work easier and more accurately, and organize it more accordingly.